We believe we are called . . .

  • to receive God’s gift of grace made possible by the Son, Jesus Christ,
  • to share God’s love through compassionate service,
  • to be in a continuing and growing spiritual journey with others of all ages and
  • to trust in God’s care through faith, as we are embraced and guided by the Holy Spirit.

We believe that the Bible, through stories and teachings, reveals God’s love and goodness for Creation, guides us to discern God’s will for our lives, and reveals God’s ongoing creative power, wisdom and compassion.

We believe that we are called together to study and wrestle with Scripture to interpret God’s will.

We believe that God is not limited to what we know, that God is and always will be more than our imagination can be.

We believe that God calls us into relationship, while giving us freedom of will. We believe through Jesus Christ, our Lord, who with the Father and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, now and forever.